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November 28, 2017

Contact: Chad Kister (740) 753-3000 or

American Electric Power employee assaults environmental author, sheriffs charge victim!

 Author Chad Kister has posted a video timeline of events at showing American Electric Power employee Ryan Caywood breaking through Kister's bamboo fence, and violently assaulting him November 12, 2017.

 Kister has an arraignment for the charges scheduled for November 30 in Municipal Court in Athens, Ohio at 8:30 a.m.

 Caywood broke both of Kister's pinky fingers, and his right collar bone as well as two other bones in his right hand.  Kister was hospitalized for 3 days November 12-15.  

 I have severe pain, and it hurts when I breath and swallow.  It also hurts when I type, or move my right arm in any way.

 Instead of arresting the perpetrator, however, the sheriffs charged the victim, Kister with 3 charges, for allegedly harassing 911 when he reported the assault and subsequent repeated trespasses and threats.

 The sheriffs refused to arrest Caywood, who continued to assault Kister, and damage his property.  Caywood returned to Kister's property more than a dozen times November 12 and threatened to kill Chad Kister numerous times.

 Please watch the video, and post it on your web page, then call the sheriffs (740-593-6633) and ask them why they locked up the victim, and charged him, instead of arresting the perpetrator Ryan Caywood.  Feel free to use a program like clip grab to get a copy of the video directly from youtube.

 Chad Kister is the author of 4 environmental books, including two on climate change, and has protested AEP's pollution for nearly 3 decades.  Kister has given more than a thousand presentations around the US, Canada, Europe and Japan, mostly about the need to tackle climate change.  Kister calls AEP America's Evil Polluters, and he has taken AEP to court as well over violations of environmental laws.

 Kister has also sued the Athens County Sheriffs 4 times, including winning $15,000 for the sheriffs admitting to punching him and breaking his jaw.

 “This is clear retaliation by the sheriffs in the form of dereliction of duty and false arrest of the victim based on the sheriff's bias,” Kister said.  “They clearly arrested the wrong person, and now the sheriffs need arrested for violations of my civil liberties under color of law, false arrest, dereliction of duty, assault, and more.”

 Kister's grandmother, Bernice Hunsinger turned 105 in the Villages Florida November 17, and because of the injuries, Kister was unable to make it there to be with her.  He has an audio clip of his conversation with his grandmother and mother linked from his Facebook page.

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