To the editor,

 The media are incredibly negligent in covering major news stories that I am the victim of.  In every single other community on the planet, even in communist countries, if an environmental author was assaulted by a pro-coal electric company running mostly on coal, that would be headline news as an obvious politically motivated attack, and thus an act of terrorism.  If that author were then assaulted by sheriffs, dragged from his property, needles forced in him, then arrested for reporting being assaulted, that would be massive international news, and media would be questioning the sheriffs and prosecutors as to why they arrested the victim.

 In Athens, Ohio the media snooze, or are they bought off?  What is their problem.  I have video of me being assaulted.  I have video of AEP employee Ryan Caywood trespassing and assaulting me.  People can watch that video on one of my websites

Then call TV stations, have them air the video, and put microphones in front of the sheriffs asking them why they did it.  Radio stations and newspapers need to cover this too.  Many have personal biases, because I have been pressuring them to cover stories in the past.  That is unprofessional.  I am a graduate of the Scripps School of journalism at Ohio University with honors: I know what I am talking about.


Chad Kister

4592 Bessemer Rd.

Nelsonville, OH 45764