AEP employee Ryan Caywood assaults environmental author Chad Kister:  Sheriffs trump up charges against Kister! American Electric Power employee Ryan Caywood breaks into environmental author Chad Kister’s primary personal Habitation.  He admitted later seeing This No Trespassing Sign, and the fact that my gate was locked, before he broke in. American Electric Power employee Ryan Caywood after he assaults environmental author Chad Kister.  Ryan Caywood said He owes more than $10,000 in child support in Virginia.  Ryan Caywood also said that he was mentally unstable. Environmental Author Chad Kister Violently thrown by Ryan Caywood,  breaking Kister’s right collar bone, and two bones in his right hand, and one in his left hand. Even though it is in the Athens County Ohio Sheriff’s jurisdiction, Nelsonville Police help to remove Caywood from Chad Kister’s house.


Webcast: Evidence link (A jury trial is coming soon in Athens)